Various Venues, London

We were contacted by the brand team behind Laphroaig whisky to create a concept for an upcoming incentive activation with bars throughout the Inception Group, including Mr Fogg's, Mrs Fogg's Cahoots, Barts, Maggie's etc.

The competition was to be run in two stages. The first was a simple yet effective invitational box, providing invitees with a brief and samples of the whisky.

Our team designed and created a magnetic box from recycled mache materials, UV printed with the Laphroaig: Opinions Welcome logo and the associated bar logo. We lay a cut piece of quality artificial grass inside with 3 x 50cl bottles of Laphroaig 10 year old.

Each box then had a customised invite and brief, designed and printed by us. The invites each had a bespoke welcome as per the bar themes.

Pack two is currently in production and we will be telling you all about that one soon!