London, UK

Our friends at The Deck at The National Theatre invited us back to serve up some rather interesting cocktails at a brand launch they were holding for one of their clients. The request was for two of our flair bartenders who were required to make cocktails and throw some bottles around for entertainment at the same time, so naturally we ad to send two of the best we could find.

One of the flair bartenders starred in a TV advert for Malibu Rum and the other has recently starred in the TV advert for Lucozade Energy!

The cocktail recipes for the evening were just as impressive. The guys served up 'The Goa Balboa' using rum, cola, chat masala and tabasco. Another recipes was the 'Jamun & Gin' which used gin and Jamun juice (Indian blackberry) shaken with lime & gimme and served with a salt and chilli rim.

Credit: Images below taken by Alexandra Simms